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Horses pictured though out this website from the Holsteiner sires of

Sunset Ridge Farms
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Conquistador in Piaffe
Leading sire of dressage sporthorses at all levels in the United States.

(Sport Horse Owners and Breeders Association 1999)
First American Bred Stallion to break into the top 20 and went right to #1


1993 gelding
By Conquistador 

Capri (Blondie)

1994 OLD/ISR MMB(103 pt)
Coeur d' Amour (Conquistador X Ulrika ) X Copper Contessa ( by Copper Majesty)


1994 gelding
Cochise (Conquistador X Jona Lee) X Chaquita (
Goldenaire Chipper X Cheechako Sheashona )

1995 mare
Coeur d' Amour ( Conquistador X Ulrika ) X Tiny Lark ( Kentuckian X Tiny Bars )

Chandler (Cool Hand)

1996 gelding
Cochise (Conquistador X Jona Lee) X Copper Contessa (by Copper Majesty)


1996 mare
Cochise ( Conquistador X Jona Lee ) X Ginger (Goldenaire Chipper X Cheechako Sheashona
lineage lineage) 

1996 mare
Cochise (Conquistador X Jona Lee ) X Copper Classique
(by Copper Majesty)
Sonny (Sunny)

1997 gelding
Cezanne (Holst/Han) X Whisper ( Go Man Go/Jet Deck)
Click here to see how Sunny is doing at his Texas home.




Foundation Ground Training  Instruction Index - Introduction, horse psychology, foundation ground work techniques.

Dressage / Horsemanship Insights - Training should not be based on bias of breed or discipline (western performance, rodeo, cutting, reining, jumpers, hunters, dressage, ect.)Why every discipline has a common link. Focused on the French Tradition and why the French and German methods differ.

Equine Riding Improvement  - Rider body awareness, undersaddle help, effects of head devises and rein function.

Horsemanship and Training Books - Books on the French Classical Horsemanship, Centered Riding , Horse Health Improvement, and more.  

Educational Equine Links  - Dressage, centered Riding, Body Work, Horsemanship, Breeders, Tack stores, Saddle fitting guides, Large Equine sites, Equine and Western Artists

Warmbloods - What are They, and Where do They Come From 

Chalk Drawing

Webring Page - Dressage and Horsemanship 


Chianina and Chiangus

WINK Black Cornhusker V89A - Purebred Chianina

WINK Go Beef B2J - Purebred Chiangus

Cattle and Ag Links

Chiangus Photo Index - link to the Hildreth Livestock website


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