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Medicine Lodge Valley, Montana


WINK Blk Cornhusker V89A


American Chianina Association # 212720
PB - Purebred Chianina
Born April 9 1991 - Deceased August 25 1997

Sire: WINK Black Cornhusker PB
1990 National Western Division 1 Champion

Sires sire: Cornhusker PB
1988 Top Selling Purebred Bull
National Western Chianina Bull Show

Sires Dam:
Davis Miss Alberto 58


Dam: WINK Miss Torra T89V

Dams Sire: BC W Pure Win 2 PB

Dams Dam: WINK Lady Gator D89T 1CA



BW: 7.6
WW: 57.1
MILK: 13.2
YW: 92.1


BW: .30
WW: .24
MILK: .15
YW: .12

Birth Weight: 102 lbs
Weight 222 days: 820 lbs
Weight 330 days: 1155 lbs
W.D.A. : 3.5
Adjusted 365 day weight: 1263
Disposition : Excellent. We used to feed him pellets out of the palm of our hand out in the field.
Body type: Power house. Straight long thick top.

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