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Haltering Situation 2

The horse is coming to you, but the lead line is telling the horse "oh no what am I going to have to do now?". The halter and lead line are sure signs of work.

  1. You are going to have to show the horse that the lead line and the halter may some times be for "work" and that sometimes it just there to put on and take off without him even moving.
  2. Forget the lead line and halter. Since the horse comes to you start teaching the horse to go under your arm.
  3. Start bringing a lead line and put it on the fence not close to you, in fact go to the opposite side of the pen where your lead line is. When the horse is comfortable with going under your arm. When the horses sees the lead line the horse will wonder, but you are not near it and the horse will think it's still alright to come to you and dive under your arm.
  4. When the horse is comfortable with that from that end of the pen start moving a little closer to the lead line each time the horse gets comfortable with the closeness/distance.
  5. You will notice that the horse is may following you.
  6. For fun you can start trying to get away from him by walking away from him the horse will follow.
  7. You can walk past the lead line and the horse will to. The lead line isn't very threatening to the horse then.
  8. When the horse is comfortable with walking by the lead line and diving under your arm next to the hanging lead line then you can go on to the next step.
  9. Do these next steps for a few days or for as long afterward until the horse understands.
  10. Do not try to catch/capture the horse, that will only revert him back to his old self.
  11. Lay the lead line on the ground next to you. Not so threatening then.
  12. If you need to, do the previous steps to get the horse close to the lead on the ground.
  13. When the horse dives under your arm without a hit and run with the pellet, just walk away from the horses and the horse will be next to the lead line but you won't. He will wonder -"hey what's the deal here. The human walked away without even trying to catch me". And will relax more if the horse isn't already.
  14. Go back to your lead line. Either the horse will stay or he will go away. If the horse goes away go back to steps 11-13 again until the horse stays.
  15. Or the horse may follow you which is ok. If the horse is following you then walk around to the lead line again. And do another dive under the arm.
  16. You may even want to move the lead around a bit with your foot when the both of you are standing there. It is a moving object now.
  17. Do the steps 11-16 and the lead moving with the foot until the horse is ok with it.
  18. When the horse is ok with that you can go to the next step.
  19. With him away from you hang the lead over your shoulder. The opposite side of the one that he dives under which he should be diving under the right so hang on the left.
  20. Now it may look a little more like you are going to catch him. But reassure him buy lifting up your arm just like before when he dove under your arm.
  21. Try the steps slowly and if you run into any problems along the way let me know. Sometimes a horse will learn the first one or two steps in one lesson and some times it takes several lessons. But do these things over and over.

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