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Riding Introduction

My higher learning was taught to me in college by Barb Horton and Debbie Martin.  Including Sue Sherry who was a clinician periodically.

I feel my riding was correctly formed by techniques that were thought out and tried on humans to benefit the horse so the horse could be taught.   If the rider does not have control or balance or correct position of their own body the horse can not be taught what is asked of them with out conflicting signals from the humans body.

As with everything else practice must be kept up to keep that correct shape.  If you have not ridden in 6 months or even less all that was correct with the muscles will be lost.  As with allot of us that is the case.   It is not the end of the world, be these techniques will aid in not only forming correct riding position, no mater if you are English or a Western rider, but will also carry over into your everyday lives.

With each section I put in here it will be an awareness of your body transmitted to the horses body.  It will be explained why one thing is correct and the other is not correct. And what the signal movement means to the horse.

I firmly believe that any movement or position or aid that we are to train a horse to understand we must ourselves try out the movement or aid on ourselves or another human.  The human can tell us what it feels like in a language we understand.  A horse may tell us but the human may not understand that the horse is getting conflicting signals, thus the jumbled aid is reinforced harder.


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