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 Critique on Nichole's Posting / Rising Trot
Part 3 of 3

Red symbolizes the riders position
Green denotes the would be change to be in balance
White dots are areas which are focus points or joints

  1. This photo is a much better photo than the previous.  Nichole is looking ahead with a horizontal head . Red line and green line coincide. 

  2. The ear shoulder and hip is far better than the other photo position.  The air in between the saddle and the buttocks looks as if Nichole is standing to post instead of rolling forward with the thigh to just clear the pommel.

  3. The red line of the elbow and hand is much closer to the elbow to bit of the green line.  One thing I can not determine is the hand position itself.

  4. The first thing I thought of when I saw the shot of Nichole's foot was that she was told "heels down".  When a rider does this heels down it not only stiffens the muscles and body but also pushes you off the saddle as if you were standing.  Accomplishing communication with the horse via the seat and thigh (gentle and slight communication) would be virtually impossible.  The green line would be a natural heel position with relaxed muscles. Not contracted or exerted.  A heel that is relaxed slightly below horizontal with the balls of the feet resting on the stirrups / irons. 

  5. Nichole's lower leg  is the opposite of  the previous leg position where it was behind the vertical alignment.  The white dot is her ankle bone and the green dot would be more of an alignment  and balance.  If we took the horse out from under her she has a much better chance of staying up right. Over all this photo is much better than the previous.


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