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"So being a natural rider does not mean doing what comes naturally. It means changing what you are doing, often in ways that initially feel very unnatural, until the body has regained its natural poise and sensitivity."

Mary Wanless, The Natural Rider, 1987

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French Classical 

~ DbarH's French  Classical Dressage links section

More Dressage 
~Mary Wanless Click here for clinics in the USA and UK.
~Anne Howard Mary Wanless teaching
~Relational Riding
~The Art of Classical Riding
~Classical Dressage.com
~McPhial Dressage Laboratory Biomechanics
~Halt @ X arena dimensions, riding help

Magazines and organizations
~Horse Magazine
~World Wide Dressage Register

Centered Riding

~Sally Swifts "Centered Riding"
~What is Centered Riding?
~Balance in Motion Answer your riding questions from a certified "Centered Riding" instructor
~ Pamela Johnson -  Roundup MONTANA  . Near Billings. Level III instructor.
~ Other Centered Riding Instructors

Body Work

~Sally Swifts "Centered Riding"
~Linda Tellington - Jones TEAM and TTOUCH
~Alexander Technique for the Human body
~Alexander Technique International for horse and rider
~Feldenkrais Technique for the Human body
~Equestrian Zen for the Rider
~Sitting Posture for everyday life


~Jessica Jahiel: Holistic Horsemanship
~Cherry Hill
~KBR horse World
~Natural Horse Supply Training Index
~Real Horse -Horsemanship clinics, horse training, and the largest horse related theme based link page on the net.

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~Sunset Ridge Farms Holsteiners. Home of CONQUISTADOR, COEUR D' AMOUR, COCHISE, AND COTE D' OR. Gail Hildreth

~Bessia Morgans Dorthea Hildreth, Dell Montana
~Buck Snort Morgans
~Stone Gate Manor Holsteiners
~Sport Horse. Org

Tack Stores

~ The Leather Connection
~Dover Saddlery
~Dressage Extensions
~State Line Tack
~Tack In The Box
~The Tack Shop
~Natural Horse Supply

Saddle Fitting Guides

~Performance Saddlery English
~Saddle fitting Western
~Silver and Leather English and Western
~Pel-ham Saddlery English
~Country Saddlery English
~Tack In the Box English
~Mane Points English

Large Equine Sites

~Aachenbreed Search Engine
~American Holsteiner Horse Association
~Animal Related Homepages
~Equine World
~Horse Land
~Horse Net
~Horse Web

Equine and Western Artists 
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~Jennifer Smith
~Gordon Snidow
~Paul Cameron Smith 

Personal Pages 
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~Horse Designs shirts, logos, signs, Portraits, and more done by Sharon (Horse Pal).
~Sierra's A site with a wide array of horse site's and other interesting stuff.
~Amy's Homepage All horse website. Lots of pages.



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