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DbarH Equine Training. Natural Horsemanship

Equine Index

Riding and Training  Instruction Index - Introduction, Riding Techniques, Gadgets / Devises  and Rein Function , Ground Work Training Techniques.

Dressage / Horsemanship insights - Training should not be based on bias of breed or discipline (western performance, rodeo, cutting, reining, jumpers, hunters, dressage, ect.)Why every discipline has a common link. Focused on the French Tradition and why the French and German methods differ.

Horsemanship and Training Books - Books on the French Classical Horsemanship, Centered Riding , Horse Health Improvement, and more.  

Educational Equine Links  - Dressage, Centered Riding, Body Work, Horsemanship, Breeders, Tack stores, Saddle fitting guides, Large Equine sites, Equine and Western Artists

Warmbloods - What are They, and Where do They Come From 

Chalk Drawing

Webring Page - Dressage and Horsemanship 

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