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French and German training methods
WHY there is a difference.

There are probably very few Americans who have parents or grandparents that where raised in the pre WWII era that came from the "old country" of Europe.  This makes it difficult for them to understand the culture differences between not only Europe and the U.S., but between the countries within Europe itself.

I'm going to break down the French and German political views and also the culture personalities that was influenced by the political views.  Most all of modern Europe is of one political background  to which they collaborate as the European Union. So there is not the difference of views as it once was.  Not saying this is a good thing either.

German Culture - Personalities

  • They are a bit retentive (and sometimes very).  They like things to be in a specific place and want it to stay in that place.  If something is put out of place they dwell on it and get frustrated that it makes them look bad and disorganized.  For things to be how they want it they direct everyone that is in their space to be in this donít disturb anything understanding (prim and proper to the max) and when they want you to do something they will push you into to doing it (controlling).
  • In horse training it is the same way they want the horse to be in a specific place/stance. They donít trust the horse to do something on itís own. So to make sure the horse doesnít go out of boundaries the rider will keep the horse in this "place" by forming themselves through the horse via sustained rein and leg contact.
  • They like to have a set routine in there everyday lives. Perhaps why they made the training triangle? 
  • Also in their culture they like to please everyone - thus try to do everything for everyone and it gets very annoying. You loose your freewill in both instances
  • And with the horse they try to "help" the horse do the movements. Rider carrying the horse. Like the horse saying "ok you tell me what to do each step so I donít get into trouble and I donít have to think what to do next".

French Culture - Personalities

  • Life is so much more relaxed. Tidy and but not retentive.  Donít make such a big deal out of something that hasnít happened
  • The French like to please also, but are cordial and donít go beyond the other personís limits.
  • With horse training the riders let the horse find out what they can and canít do and let the horse figure things out for themselves. The horse carries the rider. Hey Iíll do this and when you want something all it will take is a one second press of a muscle and Iíll do it until you tell me other wise.












German Political Views

  • Social Democrat / Socialist
  • The Germans have been under Social control for most of itís history. Nationalist 1848 , Social Demo party founded in German in 1863, and further in 1875(Karl Marx followers), and some constitutional laws from 1919 to 1930.
  • Strong socialism in other countries such as Austria, Denmark, Finland, and Netherlands and currently the socialist are in control of the German Government.
  • Socialist do not allow anyone to own anything and have the Government support the people. The people thus expect someone to take care of them and tell them that they can not do any thing with out the government approval and all live in cities so they can be observed closely . Thus no freedom of thinking or doing.
  • Oneís beliefs or thoughts reflect how a horse is trained especially if it is a State establishment. The trainers may have been supported in the State facilities with the leaning to the socialistic ideals. The State wants exactness in horse and rider and for the riders to follow the ideals of the political parties beliefs. Thus I will do for you what I want done, you do not need to put any thought into what comes. And canít do any creative movements other than the established movements.
  • Then there was the Totalitarian/Fascist years of Hitler. 

French Political Views

  • Republican
  • The only other country that had a constitution like the U.S.ís in 1789(written by Layette who also helped with US Constitution).
  • 1800 to 1830 under much war and kings,1830 more freer constitution made again, second empire 1838-1882 free constitution ( with a Revolution in-between those dates).
  • People tried to fight to be free. They wanted to be free thinkers and doers as stated in the constitutions. So when people want to be free and away of control they donít want to be constricted or supported and told what to do by the government.
  • If one likes their space they will reflect that on their horses they train also. Teach when needed and thorough and then let the horse be to stand/move on itís own without anyone interfering








Summing Up the 2 Systems or Schools


  • supported/controlled by the rider on what to do with dual rein and leg aid and have automatic framing in the end. 
  • The riders are strong - got to hold that horses head where they want it all the time. take up bench pressing.










  • Start every movement from the ground not on the back.
  • Rider teaches horse early that it takes a one second slight body aid to do something
  • Horse carries/ arranges own frame without rider interference of rein(but not abandoning totally) and no continual body aids from the start
  • Least interference for a horse to do anything
  • Riders are rubber or fluid and donít rely on strength to ride.
  • Rein means "break" and leg means gas pedal. And not to "burn rubber" by putting on the gas and the brake at the same time. Itís like running a Caterpillar dozer. Or having a plastic sack full of water. I you press in one place the water has to move to another area. If it canít move to another area pressure is built up and pop the sack bursts and the water goes everywhere. And I don't want to pop my horse

 I'd like to set something on the level before someone goes off the deep end crying "prejudice" .  I know of both countries personalities as my mother is from Germany.  My Grandfather (opa) was very German and my grandmother (oma) being of French origin.  So I didn't just visit or travel or read in a book how the German and French people are, but rather I was raised with the Old country strictness on one side with my mother. And my father being of free doing. Thus I can appreciate how horses would feel with each of the 2 types of "classical" training beliefs. And not opting the persistent "control" of the German System.



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