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French Classical Horsemanship Links
Also known as - Classical French Dressage, Riding In Lightness, French Classical Dressage, French Classical Tradition

"DO NOT resist with the hands for more than one half second at a time, ever."
Jean- Claude Racinet
Another Horsemanship, 1991

Masters in the French Tradition

Jean-Claude Racinet - Riding In  (current website)

Questions and Answers

Lightness and Aid

Saddle Fitting 
Vertebra blockings

first RIL website

Who was François Baucher ?
F.E.I (Funny Experience Indeed)
- by Cindy Stys Decorges
Riding Schools: Where are the differences?

Equestrian School Of Artistic Riding (Michel Kaplan and Beau Geste)
Extensive website on training, health care and conformation.  

Artificial Aids  
Baucher Snaffle   

Equestrian Legacies

Nuno Oliveira  

Halts - Immobility  - excerpt from Reflections on Equestrian Art

Dominique Barbier - trained under Nuno Oliveira


More Websites

Passion For Dressage - Gregory Encina Billikopf

Training Diary with Michel and Catherine Henriquet -  Barb Cartman

What is lightness -Topline Dressage


Equine Osteopathy

Equestrian School Of Artistic Riding

Pelvic Lift  
INK: Imprinting Neuro-Kinesiology  
Cold Laser Therapy 

ICREO - What is it and how does it help 

ICREO - When and why does your horse need it

Frankfurt International School Of Equine Osteopathy 

Structure, Artery, Correction


Therapeutic Riding and Horse Care 

If Wishes Were Horses - Therapeutic Riding - Bare Foot Horse

Bringing a Foundered Horse Back 



Carreg Dressage - UK  

Classicus - Virginia

Roberts Woods Farm - Massachusetts


A little French History

History or the Circus  

History of France 



Horse Training Articles

Body Position Articles


Training Approach Articles


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