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Chianina and Chiangus
Science and Private Property Rights
Agriculture Resources
Leather Goods
Hildreth Ag sites


Chianina and Chiangus

Winkonley Chiangus
American Chianina Association
Chianina Information
Chiangus Information



Montana State Extension - Beef Specialist
Nebraska Cooperative Extension
-comprehensive resource for beef management. Feeding, minerals, breeding, marketing and business articles.
North Dakota State University Extension -
another great resource for farm/ranch management.
Pizza Farm - education for non ag people


Science and Private Property Rights

Montana Life - Wolf and Coyote attacks
Junk Science - Breaking the myth of radical environmental "science".
Landowners Association of North Dakota - Promoting Private Property Rights
Klamath Basin Crisis - Fighting their Right to Irrigate Farms and Caretake of Natural Resources.
Sierra Times -
An Internet Publication for Real Americans

Agriculture Resources

Billy Joe Jim Bob's
Cattle Home
Cattle Pages
Cattle Today
Farmer's Around The World
Oklahoma State University Animal Sciences Livestock Library
Real Horse -
Horsemanship clinics, horse training, and the largest horse related theme based link page on the net.
TVA Rural Studies - Farmers Guide To The Internet


Leather Goods

The Leather Connection


Hildreth Ag sites

Hildreth Livestock Ranch Guest stay - Our sister site
Hildreth Livestock Co. Chiangus -
Highest based ranch in Montana since the early 1890's.
Sunset Ridge Farms -
Breeding and raising Holsteiner and Oldenburg horses. Klamath Falls Oregon.



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