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DbarH Equine Training. Natural Horsemanship.

Medicine Lodge Valley, Dillon, Montana


AKA Coolhand

page 2

After I am through with "petting" with the manure fork and ready to take off the tarp I take it off over his head.  He does not panic.

Why not check out  the camera guy ( my dad) .  That camera might be yummy. If that isn't good, he is sure that there is a treat somewhere on the camera guy.

After the break with the camera guy we return to "work".  This time I attach a feed bucket with a pair of driving reins attached to the saddle.  No big deal with it following behind Chandler.

More walking with the bucket behind him.  Side note:  This is the first time that Chandler has had the bucket behind him and dragging it.

COOL14T.jpg (7492 bytes)
Another treat for being a good boy with the bucket.

COOL15T.jpg (6767 bytes)
Work is all done.  Taking all the accessories off while Chandler sniffs what he had drug around the pen.

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