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Chandler  stands quietly in the center of the pen without a halter while I put the accessories on him.  Starting with the saddle blanket and saddle.  Then the two(2) yellow buckets that hang from the saddle horn to touch his sides.

Next I tie on a plastic bag to the bottom of his tail. So it touches him as he walks. I have no problems nor does he standing directly behind him.

Next Chandler is going to get the orange tarp over his back.  But first I let him check it out buy letting him sniff it.  Again he has no problems with it.   Observe in all three of the  photos that he has not moved any of his legs at all.

After all the accessories are on and the tarp lying over his back and him just standing there I start to walk away and cue for him to follow me.

For being such a good boy while walking around, I reward him with a treat when he lower his head and  goes under my arm.

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Next I pick up the manure fork that was laying to the right side in the previous photo.   I "pet" him with it all over. Still no problems.

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