Medicine Lodge Valley, Dillon, Montana

Chianina and Chiangus Cattle


Beef Empire Days 2006

 Overall Grand Champion Steer 
Bred, raised and owned by Hildreth Livestock.  
Dam: Commercial 1CA, 25% Chianina 
Sire: MONT Cornhusker F45N 2CA, 43%  Chianina

Fed at Decatur Feedyards in Oberlin, Kansas.

Contest held at Garden City, Kansas June 1 - 3, 2006
Approximately 300 head evaluated on the hoof and on the rail for this contest.

To qualify for the carcass evaluation the animal has to place in the live judging.  The qualify for the Grand Champion the animal has to place in both live and carcass judging's.

Carcass ideals for the contest:
.28 - .31 back fat
13" - 16" REA
Average choice or better quality grade


All American Beef Derby


Feed Efficiency of 4.5

2nd Place Net Return Pen
2nd Place Carcass Value best of 3
3rd Place Average Daily Gain
3rd Place Total Cost of Gain

1st Place Days on Feed
1st Place Weigh-In
3rd Carcass Value Entire Pen 2 $1316 


GeneStar Marbling and Tenderness Sires 2005 tested


2004 Midland Bull Test Results

 The ONLY breed to have all bulls with a combined 3.33 %IMF or better, 1.05 REA/CWT or better, and .25 Rib Fat or lower.

#1 ranked marbling  

 #3 ranked in REA/CWT  

 Only 16 bulls on test had a combined 4.00 %IMF or better and a 1.14
     REA/CWT or better.  3 of 6 Chiangus(50%), 12 of 561 Angus(2%), and
     1 of 156 Red Angus(.06%) did so.

 Only 5 bulls in the other 10 breeds on test compared or were higher than
     the Chiangus average for combined ADJ%IMF, ADJ REA, and REA/CWT.

 Only 5 bulls in the other 10 breeds compared or were higher than
     the Chiangus average for combined ADJ %IMF, REA/CWT, and Rib Fat.

 Only 7 bulls in the other 10 breeds compared or were higher than
     the Chiangus average for combined ADJ %IMF, and REA/CWT.

Note: 1019 bulls on test.  Over 800 graduated.  
All bulls on test were fed a high roughage ration.

Hildreth Livestock Co.

Since 1893 
Breeding and raising Chiangus on Montana's highest elevation ranch.


How   About   Those   Animals   that   Mooo!!

What in the world is a Chiangus? Pronounced Key-Angus. Chi is short for Chianina (Key-an-e-nuh). And the Angus is, well - Angus. The Chianina breed originates from Italy and first came to the United States in the early 1970's. This breed is the LARGEST and BIGGEST breed in the world. But Chiangus can be framed anyway you want.  And better yet the feed efficiency of this animal is terrific.  Throw out the equation of the larger animal the more they need to consume. 

Chianina hair color is white with black pigment. What color is the calf when a fullblood Chianina is crossed with a Black cow? The color can be any where from cream to jet black. Some have red in their hair. And when crossing a Chi to a red cow you can get mouse, gray, or red.

The temperament of a Chiangus thanks to all the breeders is not what it was in the 1970's.  In fact our Chi bull bulls are more content than the purebred Angus bulls we had before we got into Chis.  No fighting and broken legs and injuries.  Quick breed up do to breeding vigor.  To find out more about our stance on Chi bulls versus Angus click here 


Is there a certain percentage to be registered as a Chianina , Chiangus and Chi X?

The ACA states that it is not the percentage of Chianina in the animal, but the consecutive registered lineages they are striving for.  A buyer/breeder can purchase any percentage from 100% down to 12.5% and still get a registered male or female. 

So what is the difference between FullBlood, PureBred, Purebred ChiAngus, 1 ChiAngus, and 2 ChiAngus?  

Fullblood (FB)= 100% Chianina.  White only.
Purebred (PB)= Very high percentage of Chianina with another breed in the linage such as Angus or Maine. This is where a "Black Chianina" comes from. 
Purebred Chiangus (PCA)/Chiford/Chimaine = 3 generations of registered ACA lineage.  Both parents of the PCA are at least  a 2CA. 
2CA = Second generation Chiangus.  Both parents are registered with having Chianina blood. One parent can be a 1CA, 2CA, or PCA with the other parent being a 1CA.
1 CA or 1CAX(cross)= First generation Chiangus.  One parent is registered Chianina or Chiangus with the other parent not having any registered Chianina blood (foundation cow). 

Hildreth Livestock Co. Inc Chiangus Cattle

MONT is the prefix Hildreth Livestock Co. has with the American Chianina Association   Hildreth Livestock Co. 


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