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Horsemanship Books


The Art of Horsemanship


Sally swift

Centered Riding


Mary Wanless

For the Good of the Rider

The Natural Rider : A Right-Brain Approach to Riding

Ride With Your Mind : An Illustrated Masterclass in Right Brain Riding


Jean Claude Racinet

Racinet Explains Baucher*

Another Horsemanship*

Total Horsemanship*



Nuno Oliveira

Reflections on Equestrian Art

Classical Principles of the Art of Training Horses*

Classical Principles of the Art of Training Horses, Vol. II*

Horses and their riders*

*Not in print, if you have or can find these books you have a treasure. 


Sylvia Loch

The Classical Rider : Being at One With Your Horse

Dressage : The Art of Classical Riding


Cherry Hill

Author of 23 books on horse training and horse care.


Hilda Nelson

Frans Baucher. The Man and His Method

The Quest for Lightness in Equitation


Jane Savioe

What Winning Feeling! : A New Approach to Riding Using Psycho cybernetics

Cross-Train Your Horse : Simple Dressage for Every Horse, Every Sport/Book

More Cross-Training : Build a Better Athlete With Dressage


Major Anders Lindgren

Major Anders Lindgren's Teaching Exercises : A Manual for Instructors and Riders


Linda Tellington-Jones

An Introduction to the Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method : The T.E.A.M. Approach to Problem-Free Training

Improve Your Horse's Well-Being : A Step-By-Step Guide to Ttouch and Tteam Training

Let's Ride! : With Linda Tellington-Jones : Fun and Teamwork With Your Horse or Pony



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